Patrol Service

Sometimes a show of force is all that is necessary to prevent bad things from happening. Select Choice Security Services LLC provides thorough patrol services in Houston, TX to make criminals think twice before breaking the law. Our security guards are well-versed in loss prevention and protection. We strive to preserve the sanctity of your property by minimizing theft and physical threats with effective deterrence tactics. Our services are available to both residential and commercial clients. Although our patrol employees are highly trained, please be aware that they typically only require “Training Level 2” certification in the state of Texas in order to serve you. This means that our security personnel are legally allowed to observe, report, and question suspicious individuals and also make a citizen’s arrest. However, our primary means of preventing crime is by working side-by-side with local police forces. Our patrol services are especially indispensable to large business establishments such as shopping malls and plazas. Whether stopping graffiti artists or reporting theft to law enforcement authorities, our trained professionals keep a watchful eye and exude a commanding presence to sustain the productivity of your business. Assign us to a specific area of responsibility and we will survey the environment for conspicuous activities and people. We believe in doing a meticulous job, and no details escape our intense scrutiny. Your home is probably your most cherished asset. For clients with particularly expensive or vulnerable homes, we offer round-the-clock security to ensure your family and possessions are always safe and sound.

No one should have to worry about burglary or violence when in the confines of their own house.

Select Choice Security Services LLC grants you peace of mind at affordable rates to keep your home peaceful and protected, whether you are reading in bed or out tending to important business matters.  Call Select Choice Security Services LLC or visit our office in Houston, TX to start discussing your ideal safety plan. Hire our personnel directly or ask for free safety tips. Our employees are always happy to help you minimize potential danger.