About SCSS

Select Choice Security Services LLC is a protection firm located in Houston, TX. Our security guards are highly-trained, licensed professionals with more than 22 years’ experience in the security industry. We are dedicated to providing a safe buffer between you and any possible external threats. Our personnel undergo rigorous instruction before they are approved for active duty by the Private Security Bureau of Texas. We hire veterans who come with the extra skill, training and maturity to the right choices when protecting you and your property.  Our business is also insured should any accidents or injuries occur in the line of duty.

Your comfort is also very important to us. If you desire protection but do not want firearms involved, you have the option to hire unarmed guards who are still equally capable of assessing and minimizing threats. You can also choose between commissioned and non-commissioned personnel to better balance your safety and expenses. We greatly value your business relationship and offer discounts on the first month of service, as well as long-term contract discounts.

At Select Choice Security Services LLC, we understand that danger never takes a break.

Our office is always open and our services are always available, even during holidays. Our main goal is to provide reasonably priced protection whenever the need arises. We accept cash or check as valid forms of payment. Get acquainted with our specialized services and exceptional team of professionals.

Select Choice Security Services LLC operates within Houston, TX to ensure the well-being of our patrons. We offer individual security to important public figures that require safe escort and proximity due to their prominent social status. Additionally, our private security services extend beyond a single person and can encompass prestigious events consisting of a large group of renowned public figures (such as a political summit). Our team of guards and supervisors operate in a coordinated effort for optimal protection.

When safety matters call us!

Our skilled organization is open to any and all questions you may have regarding our services. We supply free advice to help you better understand and address your security needs. We also reward first-time and frequent clients with discounts and special rates. Visit Select Choice Security Services LLC in Houston, TX or contact us by telephone and we can work together to develop the best safety protocol for you. Ask about our free consultation policy and start feeling at ease again.